Peads & Barnetts

Pork & Flower Farmers

Peads & Barnetts, pioneers in the realm of sustainable livestock farming, have been redefining the narrative of ethically raised and butchered meat for decades. Their farms, humming with the symphony of nature and resonating with respect for life, produce some of the finest cuts, each echoing the passion and dedication with which it was raised.

In an age where provenance matters, Peads & Barnetts stand as stalwarts of transparency and integrity. By merging age-old farming traditions with modern, humane practices, they ensure that every animal under their care thrives in conditions that mirror their natural habitats. This isn't just farming; it's a holistic approach to preserving the land, nurturing life, and creating an unmatched culinary experience.

Sorella Collective, in its relentless quest for perfection, found in Peads & Barnetts an ethos that matched their own. The meats sourced from these pastures lend a depth of flavor, richness, and authenticity to their charcuterie creations. It's a collaboration that celebrates the beauty of responsible farming and the intricate dance between nature and nurture.

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